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Program Costs

Program costs are subject to change each year. 

 MSAT program costs based on the 2021-2022 tuition and fees schedules
Basic Cost Per Credit Hour Per Semester Per Year (3 semesters) Description
Instructional Fee $662.00 $6,612.00 $19,836.00 for OH residents
General Fee $39.80 $398.00 $1,194.00 fee paid by all students
Campus Life/DL Fee $26.20 $257.00 $771.00 fee paid by all students
ITIE fee $18.00 $184.00 $552.00 fee paid by all students
Program fee $22.00 $215.00 $645.00 the program fee for all graduate students in CAHS
BBP insurance NA $31.00 $93.00 required for students in professional health care programs
Total Basic Tuition & Fees all students pay   $7,697 $23,091  
Program Entry Costs         
ATCAS Fee NA NA $90 total fee is based on programs applied to; minimum fee is $90
Graduate School App Fee  NA NA $65 standard fee for all graduate school applicants
Initial Background check  NA NA $75 the program uses an outside service provider
Initial Drug Screen NA NA $29 the program uses an outside service provider
Additional First-Year Costs  NA NA    
CPR/AED certification NA NA $90.00 $90 for the course, certification lasts 2 years, 1X cost
Program Name Badge NA NA $8.50 1x cost 
Total program entry + first-year costs     $357  
Possible Additional Costs        
Metropolitan Non-resident fee $25.00 $300.00 $750.00 For specific counties in KY and IN 
Total (base + metro fee)   $7,997.00 $23,991.00  
Non-resident fee  $587.00 $5,871.00 $17,613.00 Non-Ohio residents outside Metropolitan area
Total (base + non-resident fee)   $13,568.00 $40,704.00  
International student fee NA $125.00 $250.00 only applies to Fall and Spring semesters
International student health ins NA $1,180.00 $2,360.00 purchase in spring covers summer
Total (base + non-resident fee + international)   $14,873.00 $43,314.00  
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Athletic Training Program