Admission Requirements

In order to apply to the Animal Audiology certificate you must:

  • Be a registered AuD (graduate) student at the University of Cincinnati or at another accredited AuD program. Applicants from other accredited AuD programs please submit the following with your application:
    • proof of AuD degree with date of graduation or proof of attending an accredited AuD program
    • letter of intent 
  • or Be a licensed, practicing audiologist.  Please submit the following with your application: 
    • proof of licensure
    • letter of intent

International Student Requirements

Before admission to the University is completed, all foreign students must fulfill U.S. Immigration Service requirements and register with the International Services and Foreign Student and the International Services Office. The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and the Test of Spoken English (TSE) are required of all applicants whose native language is not English. Scores must be sent by the test site directly to the University of Cincinnati.

This test must be taken in the student’s own country before admission is granted. This requirement may be waived for a foreign student who has completed an academic program of two or more years in duration at an accredited american college or university. Presently the minimum TOEFL score acceptable for graduate work in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders is 100.

The Oral English Proficiency (OEP) Testing Program was implanted in 1986 to assess the oral english language skills of graduate students who are nonnative speakers of english and receive financial awards from general University funds. Students are required to take the test at the beginning of their first semester of study. Their oral English skills are rated in four areas: 1) pronunciation; 2) grammar; 3) fluency; and 4) overall intelligibility. 

Those who pass are certified for oral english proficiency and may assume the full range of duties associated with the financial awards. Those who do not pass are recommended for English as a Second Language (ESL) course that is suited to their needs. 

Students whose oral english proficiency has not been certified may not assume instructional responsibilities. Oral Proficiency testing is conducted four times during the academic year (September, December, March, and May) to accommodate new arrivals and students who have prepared to retake the test. Each student can only be tested twice during an academic year. 
Upon arrival at the University of Cincinnati, all international students are required to carry student health insurance. Semester fees (reflecting the number of accompanying dependents) will be assessed at each registration period.