Nuclear Medicine Technology (NMT)

The Advanced Medical Imaging Technology program wishes to combine the needs of students, healthcare providers, the public and the University to cultivate a program for preparing competent, credentialed diagnostic medical imaging professionals. To bring the vision of this program to the greatest number of individuals, multiple points of entry, multiple means of departure, pathways for continuing one’s education, and pathways for meeting changing educational requirements of the profession need be established.

This program will strive to produce competent, multi-skilled, imaging technologists and to provide certificate opportunities for those seeking to further their education. Graduates of this program will have obtained the level of didactic and clinical training necessary to meet eligibility requirements for national board examinations in their chosen modalities.

Nuclear medicine technology is a branch of medicine that deals with the use of radioactive substances in research, diagnosis, and treatment.

Nuclear Medicine Technology Mission

Consistent with the mission of the University, the Nuclear Medicine Technology curriculum is dedicated to serving the professional education and experience-based learning needs of its students whether they are from Ohio, the region, the nation, or the world.  All students who are dedicated to their studies and the betterment of humankind through medical imaging will find this a safe and inclusive environment for advancing their education.

Nuclear Medicine Technology Goals

  • The NMT curriculum will strive for a 100% retention rate of its nuclear medicine technology students.
  • Students who complete the NMT curriculum will pass the NMTCB or ARRT nuclear medicine technology exam on their first attempt at a rate that exceeds national averages.
  • Students who complete the NMT curriculum will either continue their education in MRI or find employment within 12 months of graduation.
  • Graduates will be satisfied with their program of study.
  • Graduates are prepared for entry-level work in nuclear medicine technology.

Nuclear Medicine Technology Outcomes

Graduate achievement data is an indicator of program effectiveness, demonstrating the extent to which a program achieves its goals.  The current report on graduate achievement data, identified by program, is available on JRCNMT: Nuclear Medicine Technology Graduate Achievement Report

The above graduation outcomes represents the nuclear medicine technology curriculum. However, it does not reflect that nearly all of the nuclear medicine technology students begin the magnetic resonance imaging curriculum upon completion of their nuclear medicine studies and consequently, do NOT enter the workforce. These students are usually not seeking employment at this stage due to the time commitments of the magnetic resonance imaging curriculum.

Nuclear Medicine Program Effectiveness Data (PDF)