Student Experience

Wondering what it's like to be a student in the Pre-Physicians Assistant program here at the University of Cincinnati? As a student in this cutting-edge program, you'll be equipped with the knowledge, tools, hands-on experience, and community engagement needed to excel. Learn what opportunities are available to you as you embark on your unique undergraduate experience. 

Student Experience

Hi, I'm Samantha Zak!

Samantha Zak, Health Sciences - Pre Physician Assistant, major is making a tortilla.

Samantha Zak, Health Sciences - Pre Physician Assistant, major

I am going into my fourth year in the College of Allied Health Sciences - Pre-Physicians Assistant program. The University of Cincinnati has provided me with a significant amount of preparation for PA school. UC’s Pre-PA curriculum allowed me to take several high-level courses that not only prepared me well for PA school, but the opportunities I was presented with, such as my job as a research coordinator and a PCA, allowed me to gain experiences outside of the classroom.

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Getting Involved 

Make the most out of your college journey by getting involved on campus! There's no better way to enrich your experience and create lasting memories than by actively participating in student organizations, clubs, and events. Involvement on campus offers a myriad of benefits that go beyond the classroom such as personal development, community building, networking opportunities, and educational enrichment.      

Student Association of Pre-Physicians Assistants  

CAHS students in the atrium

Pre-Physicians Assistant Students talk inside the Health Science Building.

The Student Association of Pre-Physician-Assistants is a student-run organization that provides members with opportunities to network with other like-minded students, learn about the PA profession, and gain insights into the PA school application process. Through guest speaker events, volunteer opportunities, and workshops, the club aims to provide members with the resources and support needed to succeed in the competitive field of healthcare. This organization also offers valuable guidance on prerequisite coursework, shadowing opportunities, and clinical experience while helping members to build a strong foundation for their future careers as Physician Assistants.

The University of Cincinnati is home to over 600 student organizations! Find one that is right for you. Click the button below for a comprehensive list of all that UC has to offer.      

Program Outcomes

Outcome Rate

37.63% of students find employment after obtaining their bachelor's degree in Health Sciences while 61.29% go on to continue their education in their designated field of study.  

Graduate Programs

The rigor and reputation of the Health Sciences Program helps graduates successfully apply to and transition into graduate school. 75-80% of undergraduate students are accepted into graduate programs. Students have been admitted into Physitians Assitant programs at:  
  • Mount St. Joeseph University 
  • University of The Cumberlands 
  • Kettering College 
  • University of Findlay 

Top Employers

Through our valuable partnerships and close proximity to renowned hospitals and medical centers, graduates of the Health Sciences program at the University of Cincinnati predominantly secure employment at:
  • Children's Hospital Medical Center 
  • The University of Cincinnati Medical Center 
  • Bon Secours Mercy Health  
  • Drake Center Inc 

Success Resources 

Photographed University Cincinnati students, faculty for marketing promos for CAHS Thursday March 30, 2023 at College of Allied Health Sciences. Photo by Joseph Fuqua II

Allied Health Students: Kaleb Gerken, Dani Ameh, and Anastasia Russell (left to right)

Every student's educational journey is unique. Together with the University of Cincinnati's centralized programs and resources, The College of Allied Health Sciences provides a wide range of solution-based services, intended to remove obstacles and clear the pathway to success.

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