Student Experience

Wondering what it's like to be a student in the School of Social Work here at the University of Cincinnati? As a student in this cutting-edge program, you'll be equipped with the knowledge, tools, hands-on experience, and community engagement needed to excel. Learn what opportunities are available to you as you embark on your unique undergraduate experience. 

Student Perspective 

Hi, Im Tim Fancotte!

headshot of Tim Fancotte, 4th year, Social Work student

Tim Fancotte, 4th year, Social Work student

I'm currently a 4th year Social Work student here at the University of Cincinnati. Growing up, I always wanted to be a Bearcat. UC has always had prestigious colleges and programs, and I knew I would receive a good education conveniently located a few miles up the road.

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Getting Involved 

Bearcat Social Work Student Organization

Students pet Sammy, the service dog

Students pet Sammy, the service dog

The BSWSO helps connect both social work and non-social work majors of all years; we come together and advocate for individuals within the community, while also socializing and networking with each other. We will have different events throughout the year to help local communities/organizations in need, as well as host event socials, guest speakers, fundraisers, donation drives, and other fun events to get involved on campus. We want to emphasis the importance of social work within society.

University of Cincinnati-National Association of Black Social Workers

The University of Cincinnati National Association of Black Social Workers stands to unify the black student body by empowering our community as a whole. We emphasize the capability of positive change and the promotion of social justice.

Program Outcomes

Outcome Rate

The University of Cincinnati Bachelor of Social Work Program has a 100% Outcome rate. 54.35% of undergraduate students in this program continue their education while 45.65% find employment. 

Top Graduate Programs

The Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) program equips students with the necessary knowledge, skills, and competencies to work with individuals, families, groups, and communities to address social issues and promote positive change. Graduates of the BSW Program predominantly find employment at:
  1. University of Cincinnati 
  2. The Ohio State University 
  3. Northern Kentucky University
  4. University of Denver 
  5. University of Pittsburg

Top Employers

Through our valuable partnerships and close proximity to renowned hospitals and medical centers, graduates of the School of Social Work at the University of Cincinnati predominantly secure employment in:
  1. Children's Hospital 
  2. Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Center 
  3. Lighthouse Youth Services Inc
  4. The Children's Home of Cincinnati 
  5. Trihealth  

Average Starting Salary

On average, graduates of the University of Cincinnati Bachelor of Social Work program make $43,080 annually in their first role after graduation. Social Work students who continue their education, studying Social Work at the University of Cincinnati receive an annual salary of $58,464 in their first role post-graduation.        

Success Resources 

Photographed University Cincinnati students, faculty for marketing promos for CAHS Thursday March 30, 2023 at College of Allied Health Sciences. Photo by Joseph Fuqua II

Allied Health Students: Kaleb Gerken, Dani Ameh, and Anastasia Russell (left to right)

Every student's educational journey is unique. Together with the University of Cincinnati's centralized programs and resources, The College of Allied Health Sciences provides a wide range of solution-based services, intended to remove obstacles and clear the pathway to success.

In the News


Supporting the holistic student

April 28, 2023

Christy Wolfram, is the first embedded clinician within the College of Allied Health Sciences and the College of Pharmacy. She joins the University of Cincinnati's efforts to better support the holistic student. Wolfram aims to provide solution-focused counseling services to the students of CAHS.


Local 12: Experts worry about rise in gambling addiction in Ohio...

January 18, 2023

Sports gambling became legal in Ohio as of Jan. 1, 2023 and the University of Cincinnati College of Allied Health Sciences is one of six organizations statewide to get an Ohio grant to train social workers to better handle problem gamblers in the coming year. Local12 posted a story on the program.

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