How to Apply

An online application to the Master’s Degree Program in Speech-Language Pathology must be completed through CSDCAS (Communication Sciences and Disorders Centralized Application Service) Portal. CSDCAS will open for UC graduate applications on September 15.  

All applications must have a COMPLETE status in CSDCAS by January 5th, 11:59 PM; no exceptions. Although applications do not need to be verified by this date, we strongly encourage early submission to ensure transcripts are received by CSDCAS in a timely fashion.  ** Please note the deadline indicates that your application needs to be marked as complete not as submitted by the January 5th deadline.**

Please note, academic updates with grades from fall term only are allowed through January 5th. Academic updates are strongly encouraged but not required.

Please review the following information carefully.  You can reach us with questions at

The materials that must be sent to CSDCAS (not UC) include:

  • application
  • extracurricular, volunteer and leadership activities, honors, and award
  • Please write a short response of approximately 125-150 words (850 characters with spaces for all required questions:
    1. We value students who contribute positively to their sociocultural, learning, and professional communities. How do you want to be seen by other professionals? Describe 2 or 3 of your core values and how these values shape your identity as a professional.
    2. We value students who advocate for fairness and justice for others and for the profession.  Describe how this is reflected in your pre-graduate-school experiences and/or how you envision advocating for individuals from different communities and backgrounds as a future professional.
    3. We value students with a diverse and broad range of lived experiences. Describe how your lived experiences have contributed to your growth as a student and will continue to shape you as a professional.
    4. We value students who demonstrate a spirit of inquiry. Describe a time when your curiosity compelled you to ask questions, seek creative approaches to problem-solving, and/or challenge existing practices
    5. **Optional Question** Was there a hardship/challenge (aside from common COVID issues such as lockdown, transitioning to remote, etc.) during your undergraduate/pre-graduate-school career that you would like the admissions committee to know about?
  • Academic Information (courses, grades, etc.)
  • Transcripts from each college or university (including community colleges even if you took college classes during high school)  attended sent to:
    • CSDCAS Verification Department
    • PO Box 9113
    • Watertown, MA 02471
  • Three (3) letters of reference:  It is strongly recommended that reference letters be written by instructors who can speak to your academic abilities and potential success as a graduate student.

Review Timeline

The initial review process for completed files begins in January and takes approximately 6-12 weeks. Incomplete files will not be reviewed. Admission decisions will be made in writing only.

CSDCAS Technical Support

If you experience problems or have questions, contact CSDCAS Customer Service.

  • Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to 5 PM Eastern Time
  • Phone: (617) 612-2030
  • Email:

Application Fees

You will pay two separate application fees. One to CSDCAS and one to the University of Cincinnati; both fees must be paid by the deadlines communicated to be considered for review.

  • Please see the CSDCAS Website for current information on CSDCAS application fees.
  • After your application is verified by CSDCAS, you will receive a separate email from UC with a link to pay the UC application fee. The Graduate School is responsible for this aspect of the application process.
  • To ensure your application is processed and reviewed, the UC fee is due January 5th (11:59PM). We recommend you pay as soon as possible to avoid forgetting this important step in the process.
    • However, for those who are verified and/or receive a bill after January 5th, we require that this be paid within 72 hours (including weekend days/holidays) of receiving the bill.
    • Please review the important note regarding the GRE scores and CSDCAS’ verified status (see above).

Seat Holding Fee

Like many universities, the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders at the University of Cincinnati retains a holding fee from all applicants upon acceptance into one of its on-campus professional clinical programs. This $250.00 holding fee will be applied to their fall tuition bill when the applicant begins the program at UC.  Those who accept the offer of admission and subsequently withdraw their acceptance forfeit the submitted holding fee.

International Students

Before admission to the University is completed, all foreign students must fulfill U.S. Immigration Service requirements and register with the International Services and Foreign Student and the International Services Office.  The Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders requires the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) of all applicants whose native language is not English.  This test must be taken in the student’s own country before admission is granted. Presently the minimum TOEFL score acceptable for graduate work in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders is 100. Further information can be found on the Graduate School’s International Student webpage.

  • Do NOT send Official TOEFL scores to UC.
  • TOEFL scores must be sent to CSDCAS by ETS directly using code C122. 
    • NOTE: CSDCAS will verify your application even if you do not submit your TOEFL Scores.
    • "Verified" applications without Official TOEFL scores will not be reviewed.

Upon arrival at the University of Cincinnati, all international students are required to carry student health insurance.  Semester fees (reflecting the number of accompanying dependents) will be assessed at each registration period.

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