Program Director 

Headshot of Victoria M. N.  Wangia-Anderson

Victoria M. N. Wangia-Anderson

Professor; Program Director - Health Informatics, CAHS Clinical & Health Info Sciences

143 HSB


  • Launched New Master of Health Informatics Program
  • Launched New Certificate in Health Information Security
  • Launched BSIT + MHI accelerated program
  • Launched HIM + MHI accelerated program
  • Design and revise curriculum
  • Develop Graduate-level courses for the Master of Health Informatics program
  • Teach Graduate-level courses in the Master of  Health Informatics program
  • Manage student recuritment, application, admission,  orientation and advising process
  • Hire, appoint and mentor program faculty and staff
  • Advise prorgram students

Faculty and Staff

Headshot of Andala N Khan

Andala N Khan

Asst Professor - Educator


Headshot of David E Rapien

David E Rapien

Associate Professor Educator


Headshot of Denise L. White

Denise L. White

Assoc Professor - Educator


Headshot of Deema S Maghathe

Deema S Maghathe

CAHS-Clinical & Health Information Sciences


Headshot of Rosalyn Ventura Milenkiewicz

Rosalyn Ventura Milenkiewicz

Headshot of Richard Lyons

Richard Lyons

Instructor - Adjunct


Headshot of Jemekia Thornton

Jemekia Thornton

Instructor - Adjunct

Headshot of Abel Gyan

Abel Gyan

Headshot of Xidong Deng

Xidong Deng

Headshot of Michael Platt

Michael Platt

Assistant Professor Educator