Proposed Curriculum for the new UC Health and Rehabilitation Sciences PhD Program. This curriculum is subject to change. 

The PhD program will include the following courses, most of which have options for either in-person or remote learning. One exception is the teaching practicum, which requires at least two hours of in-person instruction delivered by the PhD student. Other exceptions marked with asterisks below will only be offered in-person because they require use of specific laboratory equipment. Not all courses will be available each year. Course offerings will be staggered across years to meet the needs of enrolled students. Each student will be paired with a faculty academic advisor to co-develop an individualized coursework plan at the beginning of the program based on student needs.

Required courses (26 credits)
Course # Course title credits
HLSC 7000 Research Design in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences  3
HLSC 7001 Study Management in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences  3
HLSC 7002 Applied Data Analysis I  3
HLSC 7003 Applied Data Analysis II 3
HLSC 7100 Research Dissemination 3
HLSC 7101 Research Grant Applications 3
HLSC 7102 Responsible Conduct of Research  1
HLSC 7200 Fundamentals of Teaching in Higher Education 2
HLSC 7201 Teaching Practicum* 1
HLSC 9001 Health and Rehabilitaiton Sciences Seminar (1 credit /semester x 4 semesters)  4
Elective courses for degree (minimum 10 credits) 
Course # Course Title Credits
HLSC 8000 Applied Data Analysis III 3
HLSC 8001 Neuroimaging Research Design and Analysis   3
HLSC 8002 Qualitative Research Design and Analysis 3
HLSC 8100 Motion Data Capture and Processing*  2
HLSC 8101 Metabolic Testing and Assessment* 2
HLSC 8102 Applied Functional Near - Infared Spectroscopy* 2
HLSC 8103 Neurophysiologic Testing and Neuromodulation* 2
HLSC 8200 Current Topics in Neurologic Rehabilitation 3
HLSC 8201 Current Topics in Cardiovascular Health 3
HLSC 8202 Nutrition and Human Performance 3
HLSC 8203 Biomechanics and Tissue Stress 3
HLSC 8204 Behavioral Change and Lifestyle Management  3
HLSC 9000 Independent Study 1-5

Must complete at least 10 credit hours from the list above and/or from other graduate programs at the University of Cincinnati (as approved by departmental faculty advisor)

Research Requirements (minimum 8 credits) 
Course # Course Title Credits
HLSC 9002 Non-Thesis Research (1-15 credits/semester)**  1
HLSC 9003 Dissertation Research (1-15 credits/semester)** 7

Students are required to complete a minimum of 1 credit hour of non-thesis research credit prior to Qualifying Exam and a minimum of 7 credit hours of Dissertation Research after Qualifying Exam.

* indicates on-campus course due to use of specialized equipment. All other courses have distance option.

**indicates a course/requirement that may be possible to complete the remotely under certain circumstances

Total Graduate Credit Hours Required

Students without a prior master’s degree or clinical doctorate: 90 credits
Students with a prior master’s degree or clinical doctorate: 60 credits