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Wondering what it's like to be a student in the Pre-Physical Therapy program here at the University of Cincinnati? As a student in this cutting-edge program, you'll be equipped with the knowledge, tools, hands-on experience, and community engagement needed to excel. Learn what opportunities are available to you as you embark on your unique undergraduate experience. 

Student Perspectives

Maddie Majewski

4th year Health Sciences Pre-PT studnet, Maddie Majewski, is in the woods.

4th year Health Sciences Pre-PT studnet, Maddie Majewski

I’m going into my fourth year of the Pre-Physical Therapy Program! I chose UC’s program because of the small class size and accessibility to opportunities around campus. It’s easy to get help for classes when all of the professors know you personally - and they all want to see you succeed. UC is surrounded by numerous hospitals and outpatient clinics, so I knew there would be no shortage of opportunities here. 

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Katie Strub

Katie Strub, 4th year, Health Sciences - Pre-PT Major

Katie Strub, 4th year, Health Sciences - Pre-PT Major

I am currently fourth year of UC's Health Sciences program on the pre-physical therapy track. I chose UC's pre-PT program because I knew I wanted to go to a university with an opportunity for direct entry into their DPT graduate program. DPT school is quite competitive, and I knew I wanted to alleviate some of the worries about applying to grad school by choosing a college with direct entry. I also loved UC's pre-PT program because of the close proximity of the Health Sciences building to the multiple medical facilities nearby. UC's Health Sciences building provides an immersive medical experience due to the hospitals that surround it from all directions. These hospitals also present convenient job observation opportunities. 

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Grace Allen

Grace Allen, 4th year, Health Sciences - Pre-PT Major hugs bearcat

Grace Allen, 4th year, Health Sciences - Pre-PT Student

I am about to be a senior (fourth year) in the pre-pt health sciences program. I chose UC’s Pre-PT program for 3 reasons. First, I was accepted to the HEAP program and I wasn’t going to get that opportunity anywhere else. Second, It was 2 hours away from home which I felt was a perfect distance to be on my own and mature, but also be close to home. Third, when I was touring campus as a high schooler, I got this sense of comfort and belonging that was pulling me toward the school. I love the decision I’ve made to come to UC and I have no regrets!

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Getting Involved 

Make the most out of your college journey by getting involved on campus! There's no better way to enrich your experience and create lasting memories than by actively participating in student organizations, clubs, and events. Involvement on campus offers a myriad of benefits that go beyond the classroom such as personal development, community building, networking opportunities, and educational enrichment.      

Pre-Physical Therapy Club

Members of the Pre-Physical Therapy Club on a group graduate school visit

Members of the Pre-Physical Therapy Club on a group graduate school visit

The Pre-Phsysical Therapy Student Society offers all undergraduate students interested in a career in Physical Therapy a chance to explore and familiarize themselves with the field and the application process for PT schools.

The University of Cincinnati is home to over 600 student organizations! Find one that is right for you. Click the button below for a comprehensive list of all that UC has to offer.      

Program Outcomes

Outcome Rate

37.63% of students find employment after obtaining their bachelor's degree in Health Sciences while 61.29% go on to continue their education in their designated field of study.  

Top Graduate Programs

The rigor and reputation of the Pre-Physical Therapy Program helps graduates successfully apply to and transition into graduate school. 70-85% of undergraduate students are accepted into graduate programs. Students most commonly attend:
  1. University of Cincinnati
  2. Mount St. Joseph University 
  3. The Ohio State University 
  4. University of Toledo
  5. Belmont University 

Top Employers

Through our valuable partnerships and close proximity to renowned hospitals and medical centers, graduates of the Physical Therapy program at the University of Cincinnati predominantly secure employment in:
  1. Drayer Physical Therapy Institute 
  2. Bon Secouurs Mercy Health 
  3. Ohiohealth Corporation 
  4. Ohnh Emp Llc
  5. The Ohio State University 

Average Starting Salary

The average annual starting salary for students who have studied Physical Therapy at the University of Cincinnati is $89,486. 

Success Resources 

Photographed University Cincinnati students, faculty for marketing promos for CAHS Thursday March 30, 2023 at College of Allied Health Sciences. Photo by Joseph Fuqua II

Allied Health Students: Kaleb Gerken, Dani Ameh, and Anastasia Russell (left to right)

Every student's educational journey is unique. Together with the University of Cincinnati's centralized programs and resources, The College of Allied Health Sciences provides a wide range of solution-based services, intended to remove obstacles and clear the pathway to success.

In the News


Turning a student vision into fruition

April 12, 2023

Students and faculty from the University of Cincinnati's Doctor of Physical Therapy Program help run the PT Pro Bono Clinic, which aims to serve uninsured or underinsured individuals.

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