Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

COVID-19 Questions

The most up-to-date information about how the University of Cincinnati is adapting and operating during the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic can be found on UC’s Novel Coronavirus webpage. 

In regards to the option/requirement for a move to Pass/Fail grading, we have developed a set of guidelines for admissions.  

  • We will consider pass grades as we do AP credit – we accept the grade as “pre-requisite met”, but we will not include the grade for GPA calculations.
  • We will consider Fail grades as “pre-requisite not met” – this grade counts as a “0” in GPA calculations.
  •  No more than 50% of pre-requisites can be a grade of “P”
  • You will still need to have a GPA of 3.0 for pre-requisites 

Due to COVID-19 an adjustment has been made to the observation hours requirement for the 2021/22 application cycle.  For this cycle applicants will only need to have half of the hours completed by time they submit their application – giving them more time to complete this requirement.  Applicants must complete 25 observation hours prior to application submission and complete an additional 25 observation hours prior to April 1, 2022.  Applicants who do not complete the total 50 observation hours by April 1, 2022 will have their admission decision rescinded.

Admissions Questions

You can find the most up-to-date opportunities on our Visit Us page. Replace this text component with your accordion's content.

To look up if courses from other institutions' will transfer, visit our pre-req course equivalencies page. 

Applicants should demonstrate a plan to complete all prerequisites by the start of the MSAT program. All prerequisite courses must be completed before the program start date.

  • GRE is not required for UC's Accelerated Entry or Early Assurance applicants
  • GRE is not required for applicants with a cumulative university GPA and prerequisite GPA ≥ 3.333
  • GRE is required for all other applicants  
  • GRE scores should be sent directly to ATCAS #4526.  

Transcripts must be sent directly to ATCAS.

Yes, students will be sent an automated email from the UC Graduate School asking them to set up their password and pay a $65 fee after they have submitted their Athletic Training Centralized Application Service (ATCAS) fee and application. 

No, the program does not conduct interviews.

Curriculum Questions

Summer semester – May.

The program is 6 consecutive full-time semesters starting in the summer.  Each semester consists of academic and clinical experiences to integrate and apply the knowledge to practice and patient care.

Each class/cohort will have only 20 students -allowing for more personal interactions with faculty and classmates.

Clinical Placement Questions

Clinical partnerships include Division I and III athletics with UC and area Universities.  In addition, we partner with multiple healthcare systems such as UC Health, Beacon Orthopedics, Mercy Health, TriHealth, and NovaCare through their outpatient facilities and outreach programs. We are fortunate to have application opportunities with local professional organizations including the Cincinnati Bengals, Cincinnati Cyclones, FC Cincinnati, and Florence Y’All.  In addition, our students will have the opportunity to gain experience in some of the area’s many secondary schools comprised of a variety of private and public schools. 

Our clinical progression will begin with an introductory experience with pre-season training at one of our sites followed by a semester long exposure within one of the aforementioned healthcare systems to gain an appreciation for allied health professionals one will be working with in the immediate future.  Following this rotation, concentrated patient care rotations at one of our local sites will continue to add to hands on clinical practice.  Our second year is designed as an immersive year where students will be assigned to a setting in the fall and another in the spring as a fully immersed rotation which allow for in depth, daily application of comprehensive knowledge and skills.  These experiences will allow the student to function with the expectations of an entry level professional while under the supervision of an athletic trainer preceptor.

The most up-to-date Tuition & Fee information can be found on the Graduate Fees by College page.

Information for graduate students can be found on the Graduate Student Financial Aid page