Program Director 

Headshot of Dana Michelle Harley

Dana Michelle Harley

Professor, CAHS School of Social Work

167 HSB


Dr. Harley is currently the PI of a $1.9 million 4-year Health and Human Services Behavioral Health Workforce Education and Training grant. The grant funds our UC Bear-CAT Fellowship Program which is a collaboration between the School of Social Work, the College of Education and Human Services, Mental Health Counseling Program, School Counseling Program, and the Doctoral School Psychology Program. This purpose of the program is to increase the number of adequately prepared graduate-level behavioral health clinicians entering and continuing practice with at-risk children, adolescents, and transitional-age youth in the greater Cincinnati region. Program participants receive financial support, behavioral health training specific to the child, adolescent, and transitional-age youth population, with additional training focused on team-based care in integrated behavioral health and primary care settings, and telebehavioral health.
She is also a co-I of $1.25 million 4-year National Institutes of Health Science Education Partnership Award that that supports high school students in conducting original research in the areas of substance use/misuse/abuse and/or mental health in their local communities. The goal is to engage young people directly in making an impact on health outcomes in their communities by tackling issues that they deem as important. Participating students gain scientific skills in conducting original research as well as literacy skills in academic writing and oral presentation. Her team provides teacher training and also work directly (about once each week) with teachers and students throughout the year.


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Shauna P Acquavita

Director of the School of Social Work


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Rebecka M Bloomer

Asst Professor


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Xan Boone

Assistant Professor


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Gary L Dick


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Cathy Kerr

Asst Professor - Educator


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Georgia Anderson

Asst Professor


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Wayne Kinney

Assistant Professor - Educator


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Amy McMahon

Asst Professor Educator; Program Director - BSW


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Joe Douglas Minarik

Assistant Professor Educator


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Janet Melcher

BSW Field Coordinator


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James L Pease

Assistant Professor of Social Work


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Tina Leigh Dothard Peterson

Assoc Professor


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Gregory Stewart

Assoc Professor - Educator


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Anne Elizabeth Roma

Dr. Roma


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Anjanette A. Wells

Assoc Professor


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Jennifer Wright-Berryman

Associate Professor


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Lisa Zimmer

Director of Field Education; Assistant Professor-Field Service



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Monica Coffey Faison

Program Coordinator


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Sarah Lanelle Dempsey

Program Manager


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Mollie Louise Hampton

Program Coordinator


Ohio’s University Consortium on Child and Adult Services Grant Staff

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Xan Boone

Assistant Professor


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Laura Michelle Friedhoff

OUCCAS Placement & Kinship Training Spec

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Emily Grace

Project Coordinator

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Edwin Lebron

OUCCAS Specialist, TOT's & Virtual Trng

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Chris Warren Malcolm

OUCCAS Staff Training Specialist

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Denise Kae Orchard

OUCCAS Asst Dir Trainer Development

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Cacy Nicole Pena

OUCCAS Asst Dir Training & Recruitment