Program Outcomes

  1. You will master the breadth of knowledge in key content areas of nutrition science including macronutrients and micronutrients.
  2. You will integrate knowledge of nutritional biochemistry and pathophysiology into clinical and epidemiological applications related to the assessment, prevention and treatment of diseases in individuals and populations.
  3. You will integrate knowledge of nutritional needs across the lifespan and behavioral strategies into nutrition intervention design and delivery.
  4. ​You will demonstrate the ability to critically evaluate and analyze the scientific literature in a variety of areas of nutritional science.
  5. ​You will integrate the research process (design, methodology, analysis, and communication of results to scholarly and other audiences) into a research project.
  6. ​You will demonstrate the ability to analyze data using appropriate statistical methods
  7. ​You will demonstrate proficient written and oral communication skills.


Technology Requirements

The Master ​of Science in Nutrition program at the University of Cincinnati uses a blended curriculum model that includes frequent involvement in eLearning environments. To participate and be successful in this program, you must have unlimited access to a computer that meets minimum system requirements. You will be REQUIRED to indicate compliance upon acceptance into the program. While access to computers is available through the University of Cincinnati Libraries (subject to library hours of operation), access to a personal laptop computer is highly recommended for portability between on and off campus sessions, classroom activities, quick access to online resources, and overall convenience. As you consider your application to the program, please evaluate your ability to meet both competency and system requirements. Recommended computer proficencies and hardware/software/plug-ins

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