Dual-Admissions Program

Graduate programs in speech-language pathology and audiology are very competitive. Acceptance rates for our programs are typically less than 20%. The Dual Admissions program was developed to help high achieving high school students secure their spot early in our graduate programs early. 

The Dual Admissions program seeks highly motivated, intellectually curious, and academically talented students who are serious about a career as an audiologist or speech-language pathologist. Dual Admissions is a non-binding bachelors + masters/doctorate program. If you are admitted into the program, you gain early assurance acceptance into either the Master of Arts in Speech-Language Pathology  or the Doctor of Audiology program. As a Dual Admissions student, you If you can still decide not to attend the University of Cincinnati for your graduate education. 

Many of our Dual Admissions students who have a lot of previous course credits also take advantage of the three year undergraduate program option. You and your advisor will be able to determine if this is an option for you. 

Acceptance into the Dual Admissions Program is based off of the following criteria:

  • 3.4 unweighted high school GPA (we will verify this through the undergraduate application system) 
  • a composite ACT score of 27 or higher and/or an SAT composite score of 1280 or higher (we will verify this through the undergraduate application system). Applications with test scores below this will not be considered. 
    • At this time the Dual Admissions program will still require test scores, even if the university has a test-optional admissions process.
  • two letters of reference
  • service

How to apply for Dual Admissions

Step 1

Apply to the UC Speech Language Hearing Sciences program and recieve your acceptance into the program.  

Step 2

Apply to the Dual Admissions program using our online form by May 1st. 

Student Testimonial

"The Dual Admissions program was an important part of my time in undergraduate. The program allowed me to gain a strong foundation, explore my interests, and work with the faculty and advisors to set-up my future goals in the field of speech-language pathology."

-Allison Flanigan, MA SLP student 

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