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Headshot of Shauna P Acquavita

Shauna P Acquavita

Associate Professor, CAHS School of Social Work

177 HSB


Ohio has been significantly impacted by the opioid epidemic. One way to combat issues related to substance use disorders is to implement “Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment” (SBIRT). Dr. Shauna P. Acquavita, Ph.D., MSW has been the recipient of awards from the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) to train health professionals and students on SBIRT. In addition to her SBIRT project, she has a four year Behavioral Health Workforce Education Training grant (2017- 2021) administered by Health Resources Services Administration and serves as the CAHS' representative to the IRB.
Headshot of Xan Boone

Xan Boone

Assistant Professor, CAHS School of Social Work

175 HSB


Contract training and consulting mostly with the state of Ohio in their child welfare Core training series.  Train Children’s Services caseworkers on the Core knowledge required by the state.  I have also developed my own trainings that are offered to veteran Children’s Services social workers and managers.  Train foster parents on domestic violence and definitions of child abuse and neglect.  Travel around the state to work individually with caseworkers as a mentor/coach and to conduct training. 
Headshot of Karlynn Mary BrintzenhofeSzoc

Karlynn Mary BrintzenhofeSzoc

Professor, CAHS School of Social Work

173 HSB


Headshot of Michelle Renee Chyatte

Michelle Renee Chyatte

Asst Professor - Educator, CAHS School of Social Work

104 HSB


Dr. Michelle Renee Chyatte, DrPH, MPH is an Assistant Professor and Capstone Director in MHA program at the University of Cincinnati. She has over a decade of experience with mixed methodology multi-level research, health care delivery systems, and curriculum development for public health and medical students. As a published researcher and educator, she is also known for serving on a number of national strategic planning committees. Dr. Chyatte has presented at well over a dozen national and international conferences and helped procure over $4 million in grant monies. 

Previous work has been in the design, implementation, and evaluation of health policy strategies for health care industry leaders including: The Centers for Disease Control, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and The Pennsylvania Department of Health. As a former NPR reporter, legislative policy coordinator, Dr. Chyatte has extensive experience/knowledge of state and federal legislatures, preparing policy briefs, annual reports, and white papers for stakeholders and legislative staff. She parlayed her careers in journalism and health care policy which has helped her assist in development and procurement of value-added strategic partnerships at both the state and federal level through inter-agency meetings and grant procurement. 
Headshot of Gary L Dick

Gary L Dick

Professor, CAHS School of Social Work

1619 French Hall


Professor Dick has been teaching at the University of Cincinnati for over 30 years. Gary teaches in both the graduate and undergraduate programs in the School of Social Work.  He alos conducts research, provides community service, provides trainings and workshops locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. Dr. Dick's research interests are in fatherhood, family violence, men, program evaluation, self-esteem, and instrument development. 
Headshot of Dana M. Harley

Dana M. Harley

Assoc Professor, CAHS School of Social Work

French Hall


Headshot of Cathy Kerr

Cathy Kerr

Asst Professor Educator; Program Director - MSW, CAHS School of Social Work

... French Hall


Teach and develop graduate level courses specializing in mental health curriculum; Provide field liaison and advising to graduate students; Serve on faculty committees (Curriculum Committee, Alumni Committee, Reappointment, Tenure and Promotion Committee) 
Headshot of Wayne Kinney

Wayne Kinney

Visiting Instructor - Educator, CAHS School of Social Work

184 HSB


Headshot of Amy McMahon

Amy McMahon

Asst Professor Educator; Program Director - BSW, CAHS School of Social Work

170 HSB


BSW Program Chair, leading BSW faculty committees, and working collaboratively to address program and administrative issues in the School of Social Work’s BSW Program as well as a faculty member teaching both BSW and MSW courses.  Position also sometimes requires working as a BSW field liaison, and advisor for BSW and MSW students in the College of Allied Health Sciences School of Social Work. 
Courses taught include:
35-SW-352      Generalist Social Work Practice II
35-SW-504      Grant Writing
35-SW-730      Social Welfare Institutions and Programs
35-SW-731      Social Policy Analysis
35-SW-740      Social Work Practice with Organizations and Communities
35-SW-840      Social Welfare Administration
35-SW-841      Program Planning and Implementation
35-SW-856      Programs and Policies in Health and Aging
35-SW-6001    Issues of Sexuality
35-SW-7030    Social Welfare Policy and Practice
35-SW-8030    Social Welfare Administration
35-SW-8050    Programs and Policies in Health and Aging 
Headshot of Janet Melcher

Janet Melcher

BSW Field Coordinator, CAHS School of Social Work

192C HSB


Jan Melcher has been the BSW Field Coordinator for the University of Cincinnati School of Social Work since 1990.  As Field Coordinator, she arranges field placements for BSW students, follows the progress of BSW students in their placements, and provides continuing education for agency field instructors.  She also served as the Campus Coordinator for the School’s Child Welfare University Partnership Program, from 2004 through spring 2015.  This program is designed to prepare interested social work students for public child welfare practice.
Dr. Melcher has practiced social work in the areas of public child welfare, rehabilitation services, mental health, and eating disorders.  She is the co-author of published work on the subject of social work practice with clients who are considered obese.  More recently, she solo authored an article about a way of approaching ethical social work practice in instances where religious or spiritual issues are involved.
Dr. Melcher earned her MSW and Ph.D. degrees at The Ohio State University.  
Headshot of Joan M. Murdock

Joan M. Murdock

Associate Professor - Clinical, Program Director (MHA), CAHS School of Social Work

French Hall


Joan Murdock, Ph.D., MHSA is Program Director of the Master of Health Administration degree program (online) and Associate Professor at the University of Cincinnati, College of Allied Health Sciences. Dr. Murdock has background and experience in the health care clinical setting in hospital administration and radiologic technology. She served as Vice-President and Assistant Vice-President at two Cincinnati hospitals. Her areas of study and teaching include the following; health care delivery systems, health care organization and management, health policy and population health, and quality care management. Additionally, she is a founding member of the UC Latino Health Collaborative and is active in health care professional associations including membership on the AUPHA Graduate Program Directors Committee.  Dr. Murdock served as a consultant for the American College of Surgeons, Commission of Cancer, developing Cancer Registries and Collaborative hospital-wide cancer programs.
Currently, Dr. Murdock serves as the chairperson for the Master of Health Administration Stakeholders Committee, the UC Center for Continuous Professional Development Committee and the UC College of Pharmacy Advisory Board for the Master of Science in Pharmacy Leadership Program.
Dr. Murdock obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Urban Studies with a specialization in Urban Health Care from Boston University. She holds the “Gerontology Specialist in Aging Graduate Certificate”, as well as, a Master’s in Health Services Administration from the University of Michigan. Dr. Murdock obtained her PhD in 2000 from the Union Institute and University, specified in Health Care Management and Cultural Diversity in Health Care.
Her research includes:
  • Comparative Results of Utilizing the Intercultural Development Inventory with Master of Health Administration students and Pre-Med Students (2018-Present)
  • Return on Investment (ROI) Analyses of an In-Patient Lay Health Worker Model on 30-Day Readmission Rates in a Rural Community Hospital (2016-2017)
  • Results of Student Competency Self-Assessments at Program
                        End of the University of Cincinnati Master of Health Administration
                        Degree Program (2015)
  • The Impact of a Mentoring Component as Part of a Physician
Leadership Development Program (2013-2014)
  • Physician Development Education and Its Impact on Increased
Knowledge, Skills and Competencies (2005-2015)
  • Health Professions Education Collaborative-Inter Professional       
Education in the Health Sciences at the University of Cincinnati
      and its Impact on Learners’ Knowledge, Skills and Beliefs
  • Principal Co-Investigator, Evaluation of a Faculty Development Program in Inter Professional Teamwork and Healthcare Improvement (2010-2014)
  • Latino Health Collaborative-University- Community Partnerships to Improve The Health of Latinos and Vulnerable Populations in Greater Cincinnati (2007-Present)
  • Principal Co-Investigator, “Describing the Professional Characteristics Of Underrepresented Minority Genetic Counselors,” (2004-2006)

Headshot of Janice L.  Ricks

Janice L. Ricks

Assoc Professor - Educator, CAHS School of Social Work

0108 French East


Janice Ricks is an Associate Professor-Educator in the School of Social Work at the University of Cincinnati and is in her fourteenth year of teaching at the school. Her fields of special interest include Women’s Studies, Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, and Bisexuals as well as Transexual children. Family Violence is also of special interest to her. At the School of Social Work Professor Ricks has taught Social Welfare Institutions, Human Behavior and the Social Environment, Individuals and Families, Human Diversity and Family Violence. Transgender and GLBTQ are elective courses that she developed and continues to teach at the school. Professor Ricks taught at the University of Central Florida prior to moving to Kentucky. She obtained clinical and supervisory experience with various social service organizations while working in Florida. In addition she has worked as a clinical social worker providing both individual therapy and group therapy. Professor Ricks currently has seven publications and has published extensively in the areas of Gay and Lesbian issues, discrimination of people with disabilities and the effects of care giving to people with dementia. She recently published an article about Lesbians and substance abuse and presented on the topic at the NASW HOPE Confrenece in Washington D.C. Professor Ricks is a graduate of the University of Central Florida, graduating with a 4.0 GPA  in Social Work as well as a minor in Women's Studies. Her commitment to social work is evidenced by the success of her students and her ongoing belief that Social Workers change the world.      
Headshot of Ruth Anne Van Loon

Ruth Anne Van Loon

Professor, CAHS School of Social Work

181 HSB


Headshot of Phuongloan Vo

Phuongloan Vo

Instructor - Adj, CAHS School of Social Work

French Hall


Headshot of Anjanette A. Wells

Anjanette A. Wells

Asst Professor, CAHS School of Social Work

French Hall


Headshot of Jennifer Wright-Berryman

Jennifer Wright-Berryman

Asst Professor, CAHS School of Social Work

171 HSB


Dr. Wright-Berryman recieved her PhD in social work from Indiana University School of Social Work, with a PhD minor in Epidemiology from the Indiana University Department of Public Health in the IU School of Medicine.  Dr. Wright-Berryman began teaching at UC Blue Ash in 2013 and developed the pre-social work program there.  She then moved to the UC School of Social Work the fall of 2014.  Dr. Wright-Berryman's research interests involve adolescent and adult suicide, severe mental disorders, and physcial health among adults with severe mental disorders.  Currently, Dr. Wright-Berryman co-leads a research team studying the effectiveness of a peer-to-peer, school-based, suicide prevention program called Hope Squad (  Dr. Wright-Berryman also works diligently in several communities on suicide prevention efforts, including grassroots initiatives and policy change that could enhance the mental health programming in schools and communities. 

Recent Publications:
Wright-Berryman, J.L., Hudnall, G., Bledsoe, C., & Lloyd, M. (2018, in press). Suicide concern reporting among Utah youth served by a school-based peer-to-peer outreach program. Children and Schools.

Wright-Berryman, J.L., Hudnall, G., Hopkins, R., & Bledsoe, C. (2018).  Hope Squad: peer-to-peer, school-based, suicide prevention.  Children and Schools.
Wright-Berryman, J.L., Lloyd, M., Harrison, J., & Newland, M. (2017, under review). Employing asset-based community development as an approach to suicide prevention in rural Indiana. Journal of Social Action in Counseling and Psychology.

Wright-Berryman, J. L., & Cremering, A. (2017). Physical health decision making and decision aid preferences of individuals with severe mental illness. Social Work in Mental Health, 1-12.

Rollins, A. L., Wright-Berryman, J., Henry, N. H., Quash, A. M., Benbow, K., Bonfils, K. A., ... & Salyers, M. P. (2017). Managing physical and mental health conditions: Consumer perspectives on integrated care. Social Work in Mental Health15,1, 66-79.
Wright-Beryman, J.L. & Kim, H.W. (2016).  Physical health decision-making autonomy preferences for adults with severe mental illness in integrated care.  Journal of Social Services Research. 42, 3.

Bonfils, K. A., Adams, E. L., Mueser, K. T., Wright-Berryman, J. L., & Salyers, M.P. (2015). Factor structure of the Autonomy Preference Index in people with severe mental illness. Psychiatry Research. 228, 30.
Rollins, A.L., McGrew, J.H., Kukla, M., McGuire, A.B., Flanagan, M.E., Hunt, M.G., Leslie, D.L. Collins, L.A., Wright-Berryman, J.L., Hicks, L.J., & Salyers, M.P.  (2015). Comparison of Assertive Community Treatment Fidelity Assessment Methods: Reliability and Validity.  Administration and Policy in Mental Health and Mental Health Services Policy Research.1-11.
Headshot of Lisa Zimmer

Lisa Zimmer

Director of Field Education; Assistant Professor-Field Service , CAHS School of Social Work

192-D HSB


Administrate field programs in the School of Social Work including developing and maintaining field opportunities, matching MSW students to field sites, and managing students at placement sites
Provide leadership to School faculty and students on field issues
Develop policies and procedures relevant to field experiences 

Provide continuing education training to field instructors and community social workers


Headshot of Johnny A Arguedas

Johnny A Arguedas

Program Coordinator- BSW and MSW programs, CAHS School of Social Work

131 HSB


Headshot of Stephanie Rae Keith

Stephanie Rae Keith

Program Manager, Health Administration, CAHS School of Social Work

106 HSB


Headshot of Deema S Maghathe

Deema S Maghathe

Program Coordinator, BSW-DL Program, CAHS School of Social Work



Headshot of Jeanne  M Ruggieri

Jeanne M Ruggieri

Program Coordinator, CAHS School of Social Work

192 B HSB


Headshot of Jeff P Schellinger

Jeff P Schellinger

Research Associate

Currently working as a Research Assistant in the School of Social Work.  I am involved with evaluation research through a federal grant in collaboration with Clermont County, focusing on children's mental health.

I retired from Hamilton County Juvenile Court after 32 years of service. My longest-serving positions involved administrative/management roles including those of Assistant Superintendent and Executive Director.

I have taught undergraduate classes at the College of Mount St. Joseph in the Criminal Justice disciplines.

I hold a B.S. from the University of Cincinnati and a M.S. from Xavier University.  I also maintain current licensure as a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) in the state of Ohio.
Headshot of Rachel R Smith

Rachel R Smith

Program Manager, CECH Evaluation Services Center



Leads and provides support for the Center projects and some business functions.