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Program Director

Headshot of Amy McMahon

Amy McMahon

Asst Professor Educator; Program Director - BSW, CAHS School of Social Work

170 HSB


BSW Program Chair, leading BSW faculty committees, and working collaboratively to address program and administrative issues in the School of Social Work’s BSW Program as well as a faculty member teaching both BSW and MSW courses.  Position also sometimes requires working as a BSW field liaison, and advisor for BSW and MSW students in the College of Allied Health Sciences School of Social Work. 
Courses taught include:
35-SW-352      Generalist Social Work Practice II
35-SW-504      Grant Writing
35-SW-730      Social Welfare Institutions and Programs
35-SW-731      Social Policy Analysis
35-SW-740      Social Work Practice with Organizations and Communities
35-SW-840      Social Welfare Administration
35-SW-841      Program Planning and Implementation
35-SW-856      Programs and Policies in Health and Aging
35-SW-6001    Issues of Sexuality
35-SW-7030    Social Welfare Policy and Practice
35-SW-8030    Social Welfare Administration
35-SW-8050    Programs and Policies in Health and Aging 


Headshot of Shauna P Acquavita

Shauna P Acquavita

Director of the School of Social Work


Headshot of Xan Boone

Xan Boone

Assistant Professor


Headshot of Gary L Dick

Gary L Dick



Headshot of Dana Michelle Harley

Dana Michelle Harley

Associate Professor


Headshot of Cathy Kerr

Cathy Kerr

Asst Professor - Educator


Headshot of Georgia Anderson

Georgia Anderson

Asst Professor


Headshot of Wayne Kinney

Wayne Kinney

Assistant Professor - Educator


Headshot of Janet Melcher

Janet Melcher

BSW Field Coordinator


Headshot of Joseph Douglas Minarik

Joseph Douglas Minarik

Assistant Professor Educator


Headshot of James L Pease

James L Pease

Assistant Professor of Social Work


Headshot of Tina Leigh Dothard Peterson

Tina Leigh Dothard Peterson

Assoc Professor


Headshot of Anne Elizabeth Roma

Anne Elizabeth Roma

Dr. Roma


Headshot of Ebony  Speakes-Hall, DSW, MSSA, LISW-S

Ebony Speakes-Hall, DSW, MSSA, LISW-S

Assistant Dean of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, College of Allied Health Sciences


Headshot of Gregory Stewart

Gregory Stewart

Asst Professor - Visiting


Headshot of Phuongloan Vo

Phuongloan Vo

Instructor - Adjunct


Headshot of Anjanette A. Wells

Anjanette A. Wells

Associate Professor


Headshot of Jodi Shapuras Whitted

Jodi Shapuras Whitted

Asst Professor - Field Service

Headshot of Jennifer Wright-Berryman

Jennifer Wright-Berryman

Associate Professor


Headshot of Lisa Zimmer

Lisa Zimmer

Director of Field Education; Assistant Professor-Field Service



Headshot of Monica Coffey Faison

Monica Coffey Faison

Program Coordinator


Headshot of Sarah Lanelle Dempsey

Sarah Lanelle Dempsey

Program Manager

Headshot of Mollie Louise Hampton

Mollie Louise Hampton

Program Coordinator


Ohio’s University Consortium on Child and Adult Services Grant Staff

Headshot of Xan Boone

Xan Boone

Assistant Professor


Headshot of Melissa Joy Flick

Melissa Joy Flick

OUCCAS Staff Training Specialist

Headshot of Laura Michelle Friedhoff

Laura Michelle Friedhoff

OUCCAS Placement & Kinship Training Spec

Headshot of Emily Rae Grace

Emily Rae Grace

Project Coordinator

Headshot of Edwin Lebron

Edwin Lebron

OUCCAS Specialist, TOT's & Virtual Trng

Headshot of Christopher Warren Malcolm

Christopher Warren Malcolm

OUCCAS Staff Training Specialist

Headshot of Denise Kae Orchard

Denise Kae Orchard

OUCCAS Asst Dir Trainer Development

Headshot of Cacy Nicole Pena

Cacy Nicole Pena

OUCCAS Asst Dir Training & Recruitment