How to Apply

Admission to the Accelerated Dietitian Nutritionist Program requires a secondary application completed during the second year of the student’s undergraduate studies (as a sophomore). 

The Accelerated Dietitian Nutritionist Program is restricted to University of Cincinnati Nutrition & Dietetics majors. 

To be eligible to apply, students must be on track to complete all required undergraduate coursework by the Fall semester of their 4th year. 

A minimum cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.0 is required to apply.  To continue into the graduate program, students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 from all undergraduate coursework. 

Admissions decisions will be disseminated by the Accelerated Dietitian Nutritionist Admissions Committee in mid-February or early March. 

Application Components

Accelerated Dietitian Nutritionist Program application deadline is January 15 and must be submitted via Accelerated Dietitian Nutritionist Program Application

A complete application includes:

  • Copy of resume which should include relevant academic and professional data.
  • Copy of your unofficial UC transcript.    
  • Responses to these six questions
    1. What would you like the Accelerated Dietitian Nutritionist Program Admissions Committee to know about you? Discuss your personality and interests, as well as each of the following points: a) Self-direction b) Interpersonal skills c) Leadership ability d) Overall preparation for supervised practice e) How you work under pressure and your coping mechanisms.
    2. What are the strengths that you will bring to the Accelerated Dietitian Nutritionist program? In what areas do you hope to improve upon?
    3. The supervised practice portions of the program will require a large commitment of time (up to 32 hours per week), energy (graduate coursework in addition to a 32-hour workweek), and financial resources. How will you address the time, energy, and financial responsibilities? What prior commitments do you have, transportation issues, or other issues that might affect your ability to fully commit to the supervised practice? Before responding to this question, please carefully review the materials CPD Essential Program-Related Functions and Core Knowledge and Competencies for the RD.
    4. Imagine that you are the team leader for an important project. Two individuals on your team have come up with an idea for the project that you don't think will work. How do you go about moving forward with the project?
    5. Why did you choose nutrition and dietetics as a career and describe your reasons for applying for the Accelerated Dietitian Nutritionist program?
    6. What are your professional goals after completing the requirements to become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist?
  • 3 Recommendations from these professional areas (you will be required to submit their name and email address which will initiate an email form to the recommender to complete):
    1. One recommendation from a course instructor in food or nutrition.
    2. One recommendation from another course instructor.
    3. One recommendation from a work supervisor/manager

Deadline: January 15, annually.

Decisions will be disseminated by the ADNP Admissions Committee in mid-February or early March.