Admission Information

The MLS Certificate program is open to students who are completing a bachelor's degree or who have earned a bachelor's degree in a science discipline who are interested in becoming a medical laboratory scientist.

This program requires attendance in person in Cincinnati and in some online courses. It is not offered entirely online. Due to the amount of required online credit hours, this program does not meet federal requirements for international students planning to attend on a visa. International students with questions should contact UC's International Services at 513-556-4278. 

Admission Requirements

  • Pre-requisite courses include Immunology and Microbiology; these courses typically have pre-requisite courses in Biology and Chemistry. 
  • A 2.8 cumulative GPA and a 2.8 math/science GPA are recommended for admission into the certificate program; however, GPAs of admitted students have been higher during the last several years. Students with lower averages may apply and will be considered for admission on a competitive basis. Students cannot be admitted without applying.

How to Apply

Students applying for the MLS Clinical Year OR the MLS Certificate Program use the same application process. The deadline to apply is October 1st.