Admission Information

The MLS Certificate program is open to students who are completing a bachelor's degree or who have earned a bachelor's degree in a science discipline who are interested in becoming a medical laboratory scientist. All prerequisite courses (or approved substitutions) must be successfully completed prior to beginning the clinical year.

Pre-requisite courses include Immunology and Microbiology; these courses typically have pre-requisite courses in Biology and Chemistry. Certificate applicants should have academic coursework in sciences similar to our BS-MLS program (view the BS-MLS curriculum here).

A 2.8 cumulative GPA and a 2.8 math/science GPA are recommended for admission into the certificate program; however, GPAs of admitted students have been higher during the last several years. Students with lower averages may apply and will be considered for admission on a competitive basis. Students cannot be admitted without applying.

Please visit Medical Laboratory Science certificate program admissions for more information.