Accelerated Early Assurance Pathway

Accelerated Early Assurance Pathway into UC's Master of Athletic Training Program. 

Designed for students who enter the Health Sciences - Pre-Athletic Training Pathway coming out of high school as a first-year student. Transfer/transfer students may be eligible for the Accelerated Early Assurance program depending on their previous course credits. 

Incoming first-year, Health Sciences - Pre-Athletic Training students are automatically enrolled in the Accelerated Early Assurance Pathway - which will allow you to complete your undergraduate degree and the MS in Athletic Training program in just 5 years. To determine continued eligibility, the progress of Pre-AT students will be evaluated prior to the start of their 3rd year fall semester, as the MSAT application and admission cycle is beginning.  

To remain in good standing in Accelerated Assurance Pathway:

  • Must have a cumulative GPA ≥ 3.33 at the time of application.
  • Must have an MSAT essential pre-requisite course GPA of ≥ 3.0 at the time of application.      
  • Membership in either REHABCATS, the Health Sciences Club, or HealthCats (west campus student organization for UG students in pre-health professions majors) 

**Please Note:  We realize your cumulative GPA and pre-requisite GPA may dip below these scores in your academic career due to challenging coursework. It is important as you enter the fall semester of the 3rd year that you meet these minimum GPA standards as we will be evaluating continued enrollment eligibility at this time.  Keep in mind, you have the summer semesters prior to this "check" to grade replace any courses that may have compromised your GPA. If the cumulative GPA drops below the 3.0 requirement, the student will move into the Standard Early Assurance Pathway.  

By April 1st going into summer before 3rd year, HLSC-Pre AT students should request a verification from the program to ensure that all Accelerated Entry Pathway criteria will be met by the end of spring semester year 3. 

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CAHS Admissions

Admissions Counselor, College of Allied Health Sciences