Early Assurance Pathway

Early Assurance Pathway into UC's Master of Science in Athletic Training Program for juniors

High achieving health sciences students in the UC College of Allied Health Sciences are eligible to apply for the Early Assurance Pathway into the Master of Sciences in Athletic Training program during their junior year. Students should be junior level standing in the Health Sciences program at UC and must have been a UC student (regardless of major or campus) as an entering first-year student. 

The major advantage of the Early Assurance Pathway is that the successful applicant has a position in the Master of Sciences in Athletic Training program held for them. Other advantages to early admission are:

  • early and direct communication with the athletic training faculty
  •  the opportunity to enjoy their senior year without the pressure of applying to multiple graduate schools 
  • the GRE requirement will be waived. 

Deadline: April 1st

Application Requirements

Admission in the Early Assurance Pathway is based on the following:

Submission of the online MSAT Early Assurance Pathway Application

Recommendation Letters are due on April 7th  In order to ensure timely responses from your recommender, please fill out the online MSAT Early Assurance Pathway Recommender Form by March 15th.  An email will be sent to each of your recommenders with details on how to complete their online recommendation.

No more than 250 words describing why you chose athletic training as your professional pathway.

  • Core Science Prerequisites
    • Anatomy & physiology (one year sequence)
    • Biology with lab (one year sequence)
    • General chemistry with lab (one year sequence)
    • General physics with lab (one year sequence)
  • Additional Prerequisites
    • Statistics, Exercise Physiology, and Medical Terminology, Biomechanics/Kinesiology, Physical Condition, and Health Care Ethics (one course each)

Applicants can have no more than 3 prerequisites outstanding at time of application, and will have until May senior year to complete all remaining coursework.

Cumulative and pre-requisite GPA at or above 3.0

  • One recommendation letter from a health sciences faculty member other than AT program faculty
  • Second recommendation letter (from an athletic trainer with whom you have acquired your hours)

Please use the Early Assurance Pathway Recommender Form below to indicate your recommenders by March 15th. An email will be sent to each of your recommenders with details on how to complete their online recommendation.

During the 2022 application cycle, the observation hours requirement will be delayed. Admitted students will still need to complete their observation hours by the time they begin the MSAT program or their offer will be rescinded. 

A total of 50 hours of observation/pre-professional work is required in a athletic training setting.

Half of work/volunteer hours must be completed by the application deadline and the rest should be completed by December 1st of your senior year - though rare exceptions have been granted on a case by case basis.

The athletic training program can provide information regarding possible observation sites, but it cannot make contact with the sites nor set up the experiences on behalf of students.

In your resume you should provide details on the following items:

  • extracurricular activities
  • work experience
  • volunteer work
  • honors and awards
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