Clinical Year and Certificate Application

Application for MLS Clinical Year & MLS Certificate Program

Deadline October 1, 2019 to start in the Fall Semester 2020

Please follow the steps below to complete the MLS Program Application. 

First: read the information including the FAQs and note the deadline posted on the webpage for Clinical-Year and Certificate Program Admissions.

Once you begin each section of the application, you will not be able to save and resume. Be sure to have all proper materials before beginning each section of the application process.  You may preview the application to see what you will need and to download the Word files you can complete offline to submit with their respective forms.

You will find the application below in a series of steps. Please complete each step before proceeding to the next. After each form has been completed you will see a page with a message that the form was successfully submitted ("completed form") or that there was an error. Errors tend to be caused by a missing field, so check for anything you might have missed. By design, the form takes a variety of formats - phone numbers, capitalization, so errors are usually the result of missing items. To resolve them, search your form for any blank fields and fill them in and then resubmit. If you cannot resolve your errors, email



Please complete the Demographic Information form below and proceed to the "Essential Functions & Questionnaire" tab to continue with the application. 

Please download and complete the word document below and submit it in the "Education & Experience" upload section on the bottom of the form below (as it is required for the program application) 

Essential functions and technical standards represent the essential non-academic requirements that students must master to successfully participate in and complete the program. 

Please complete the demographic information form below and proceed to the "essential functions & questions" to continue with the application.

Please download and complete the the "MLS Questionnaire" word document below and submit it in the "Questionnaire" upload section on the bottom of the form below (as it is required for the program application)

If you are the applicant: please complete the "Reference Agreement" form below to allow permission for your references to submit in evaluation forms. After completion, click on the "Reference Evaluation Form" and send the web address to your three  references to submit on your behalf. 

  • Advise your references to watch for the message page that appears after submission to verify that their form was successfully submitted OR that there was an error (most often, a missing item) and they need to re-submit. 

If you are providing a reference: Please complete the "Reference Evaluation Form" below if the applicant has completed all the steps above.

  • As you submit your form, watch for the message page which indicates that your form was successfully submitted OR that you need to resubmit due to errors. By design, the form accepts a variety of formats for phone numbers and capitalization, so errors are most often the result of a missing item(s) - check your form to see if there are any blank fields. 

Once you have completed steps 1 - 4, you can move on to the final step. In order to apply for the program, we will need a "Statement of General Health" form to be completed and signed by your physician. 

Please download the document below and once it is completed you or your physician's office can: