Accelerated Health Informatics Program

The Health Information Management (HIM) + Master of Health Informatics (MHI) Accelerated program is open to students currently enrolled in the Health Information Management bachelor's degree program. The program put's you on the fast-track to achieving a master's degree.  

As we review your application we will pay close attention to:

  • University GPA (minimum cumulative 3.0)
  • Statement of purpose
  • Professionalism and interest in interdisciplinary interactions
  • The ability and willingness to complete the proposed degree plan 

About the Program

  • Prior to completing the application please meet with your Student Success Coordinator to discuss your degree plan and anticipated start date in the accelerated program. 
  • Students will complete this application as the first step for consideration into the Accelerated program.  An admission decision will be made by the HIM Program Director and HIM Program Manager.
  • If students meet the required qualifications, students will begin taking Graduate (MHI) courses the 5th  or 6th semester of the HIM undergraduate degree plan.  
  • Students will graduate with a Bachelors of Health Sciences in Health Information Management, after successful completion of the Health Information Management core courses.
  •  Qualified students will complete the graduate application during the last semester of the undergraduate program.
  • Matriculation to the Graduate MHI program will take place upon acceptance by the MHI Program Director.
  • Graduate tuition rate and graduate college fees will be in effect after enrolling in 12 credits (1/3 of the total credits)
  • Students must have at least a 3.0 GPA when they transition to a graduate student.
  • Students must have at least a 3.0 graduate program GPA at the time of graduation in order to graduate with the master’s degree.
  • Students will meet with financial aid and/or a scholarship advisor in order to determine funding as a graduate student.
  • It takes good effort and planning to complete this combined degree plan. Make sure to plan your program and give it its due diligence. It is important to meet with your HIM academic advisor each semester. 

Application Materials Check List

Once you begin the application, you will not be able to save and resume. Be sure to have all proper materials before beginning each section of the application: 
  • Statement of Purpose Proposed degree plan signed by advisor (attachment)
  •  Resume (attachment)
  •  Current Degree Audit (attachment) 

Please complete this form and submit with all required documents. Once you are accepted to the program, additional guidance will be provided on next steps. 

For more information contact: 

Headshot of Martha C. Fowler

Martha C. Fowler

Program Manager

Program Manager Health Information Management and Health Informatics Programs
Coordinate the Health Information Management BS and Health Informatics MS Distance Learning programs. Manage the recruitment and application process for students. Responsible for advising the diverse student body to assist in meeting their educational goals. Provide administrative support to the nationally based DL programs, Program Directors, faculty, and students. Maintain program database and statistics, creating reports using the compiled data. Produce and publish course evaluations and distribute results to faculty. Coordinate all curriculum and student related activities, including preparation and monitoring of academic calendars. Review and monitor program website to assure current information is displayed. Oversee all operational issues including policies and procedures.